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We Advanced to Round 2 - Help Us Win up to $100,000!

WSU Men's Basketball Coach Gregg Marshall needs your votes! He is competing to win up to $100,000 for his favorite charity Wichita Children's Home during the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge, hosted on ESPN.com. For 10 weeks, the nation's top coaches will be counting on their fans to vote for their favorite charity. Coach Marshall and Wichita Children's Home advanced to round 2, advancing in second place out of the 48 competing coaches. Now, with only 24 rival coaches left in the competition, every vote counts! Show your Wichita pride and #VoteAngry every day for Gregg Marshall at espn.com/infiniti. The 16 coaches receiving the most votes advance to round three! Round 2 voting ends February 15!

How it works:

Vote for Coach Gregg Marshall EVERY day! The 16 coaches with the most votes with advance to Round 3!

Round 1 Voting: Jan. 6th - Jan. 26th
Round 2 Voting: Jan. 26th - Feb. 15th
Round 3 Voting: Feb. 16th - Mar. 1st
Final Four Voting: Mar. 2nd - Mar. 15th

Let's show the world how passionate we are about our Shockers and help us win up to $100,000 for the Home! It's go time!