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Wichita Children's Home

Children Helping Children

Interested in doing something personal and special for the children at the Home?

Children love the feeling of being able to help other children. That’s why, throughout the year, with the help from adults, schools and churches, individual fundraising events are held to collect cash and gift donations to go to the benefit of the children at the Home.

During the holiday season, we have seen so much generosity and sharing in the spirit of giving, we award certificates of appreciation to children who help the children at our Home.

Ideas of How to Get Involved


Last year, twins Shane and Blair Pullman generously asked friends and family for donations to the Wichita Children’s Home to celebrate their Sweet 16 birthday.


Children who share in the spirit of the season receive a certificate of appreciation from Wichita Children’s Home as well as a chance to have their photo featured in our newsletter, From Our Home to Yours.


Badges for Backpacks is a School Supply Drive hosted by Simon Malls and the Wichita Police Department.


Over the summer, several local children sold lemonade at garage sales.


Jennifer Koftan with the University of Phoenix delivered school supplies gathered for the children to have what they needed when school started.


With our fun, holiday wish list, children can choose from a variety of items to donate, from clothing to food to toys.

View holiday wish list

Dating Back to 1895

Children giving and helping other children isn’t a new idea to Wichita Children’s Home. In an article published in The Wichita Daily Eagle dating back to May 18th of 1895, a group of young neighborhood children put on a play at the local opera house to raise donations for the benefit of the Home.

Seven year old Marie Horner of Caldwell, the mayor’s daughter, gathered 22 boys and girls to rehearse and put on a play at her dad’s opera house. With all expenses paid and charging 5¢ per head, Marie pulled together $16 for the Home.


Great gifts and creative ways to give back to Wichita Children's Home!