If you are 21 years or younger and in need of immediate help, call (316) 262-HOME or go to any QuikTrip, fire station or anywhere you see the Safe Place logo and ask an employee to call our Street Outreach staff.
Wichita Children's Home

Volunteers are Always Needed

At The Wichita Children's Home, we realize that a house is just a house; it's family that makes it a home. To keep our doors open 24/7, it takes a lot of financial support but also the gift of family - cooking a meal, supplying warm clothes or just providing comfort and safety.

Your talents can be used to fill a variety of roles as an individual or in groups. And, since the Home is always open, volunteers are utilized around the clock, allowing you to select the time best suited to your availability.

Help us continue our mission by giving the invaluable gift of the self.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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Other Ways to Contribute

We appreciate your interest in volunteering! If you are unable to volunteer at this time, there are many other ways to contribute to the Wichita Children’s Home.

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