If you are 21 years or younger and in need of immediate help, call (316) 262-HOME or go to any QuikTrip, fire station or anywhere you see the Safe Place logo and ask an employee to call our Street Outreach staff.
Wichita Children's Home

Mark Your Calendars!

Save the date for our annual fundraising events and show your support through the contribution of your time and participation. Proceeds benefit the mission of Wichita Children’s Home. If you are interested in hosting an event or becoming an sponsor, please contact us!

Featured Events

“Swinging for the Stars”

The 2017 “Swinging for the Stars” will be held prior to the Kansas Stars game at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium on Monday, July 31. Swinging for the Stars will be a fun event for all and is a great way to support the Wichita Children’s Home!

So how does it work? Former Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche will get five pitches thrown by former Detroit Tigers pitcher and Wichita Winguts owner Nate Robertson to hit the ball as far as he can. You can make a flat monetary donation or a pledge per foot. Your pledge per foot is the farthest distance in feet that LaRoche hits the ball from home plate multiplied by how many cents or dollars per foot that you pledged. For example, if you pledge 10 cents per foot and the farthest hit is 400 feet, you would contribute $40.

To give a flat monetary donation, please donate here. All pledges must be made by July 24. To make a pledge, please sign up here. For pledges, you will be billed after the July 31 event. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Pennington at kpennington@wch.org.