If you are 21 years or younger and in need of immediate help, call (316) 262-HOME or go to any QuikTrip, fire station or anywhere you see the Safe Place logo and ask an employee to call our Street Outreach staff.
Wichita Children's Home

Kids Club Membership

Membership Details

Members Contribute $1,000 or More

The Wichita Children’s Home Kids Club is an exclusive group of donors who make a significant impact by giving $1,000 or more a year to WCH. Kids Club donors help create the solid foundation of providing round-the-clock care and meeting the needs of children who arrive unexpectedly, in emotional and often physical pain, with only the clothes on their backs. Providing food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and supervision for these children is an increasing challenge that only continued support from our friends in the community can help us meet. While $1,000 is a substantial gift, it is needed to maintain the facilities, staff and programs required to improve the lives of children in need.

If you are considering becoming a Kids Club member, feel free to contact us for additional program and financial data.

Membership Includes:

  • Exclusive donor events
  • Recognition on the Kids Club wall
  • Invitation to our Education Celebration
  • Impacting the lives of children in need

Levels of Support

WCH Infographic for gift amounts